Brian Hunt

Brian Hunt


Brian Is a serial entrepreneur who has owned bars and restaurants as well as a construction company. He has worked in the world of finance for the last 15 years serving in various roles from the sales floor to the C- Suite. One of the founders of Total Solutions, he holds the team to the stated philosophy of doing the right thing by our clients even when it isn’t the most profitable, as long as it serves the greater good. He is hands on with all of the company’s clients fulfilling the commitment set forth from day one; that every client regardless of the deal or business size everyone is equally important.

Dean Cummings

Senior portfolio manager/ risk management team :

Dean Cummings has over 10 years sales experience in the lending space. Having personally serviced thousands of clients. His experience in Asset based lending products has helped to flesh out the portfolio to serve more in the construction and transportation space. He is currently serving as the product portfolio manager and is member of our file risk assessment team.
Howell Fesq

Howell Fesq

Senior underwriter/ portfolio management team :

Howell Fesq with over 15 years of sales experience and having held every position from rep to floor manager has served both his teams and thousands of clients well. He is currently one of our head underwriters and file placement team members.

John Mavrogian

Senior underwriter/ portfolio management team :

John Mavrogian, a business owner in both retail sales and wholesaling for over 20 years. He has been in sales for over 30 years while having served both his teams and thousands of clients. He is currently one of our head underwriters and file placement team members.

John Mavrogian

Paloma Lorem


Paloma leads up our credit repair team. Having shown an incredible aptitude to detail, Paloma was able to use that to become our most proficient and successful credit repair specialist. Eventually leading to her becoming the head of the department.

Juliana Rameriez

Sales Manager, Head of our Hispanic Business Owners department :

An enthusiastic and optimistic sales professional with over five years of experience as a sales executive in the Finance space. Juliana is highly skilled at creating and cultivating new relationships while maintaining long-standing ones. Juliana rose through the ranks of Total through the sales floor to develop the Hispanic business owners’ sales team allowing Total to garner a customer book of whom over 30% are proudly of Hispanic descent.
Juliana Rameriez
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Keith Williams

Finance Manager :

Keith Williams brings over 15 years experience in Finance he holds an MBA as well as a BBA in Quantitative Finance. He brings a level of insight and professionalism to the sales team rarely seen in the working capital space. His ability to discern Tax returns and financial helps Total Solutions Financing to have an industry leading conversion rate on our SBA loan products.

Don Wakefield

Head of Biz Dev Donald :

Head of Biz Dev Donald is the consummate professional which has lead to strong relationships with Bankers, Accountants, Lawyers as well as leaders in the Professional services industry all of whom Total is partnered with in helping secure their clients funding needs.
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